The Rum Festival

The Rum Festival menus and Rum sign on a table

The Rum Festival is coming to Newcastle April 28 and 29. It’s two days of rum and dancing – an extravaganza as spicy as the alcoholic selections available.

Heading over to The Clay Shed, Hoults Yard – it’s a tale straight from Havana. It’s bringing along rum, cocktails, food and music from all over the globe, to the Toon. The festival is showcasing over 100 different types of rum – including brand-spanking new and exclusive samples.

Upon arriving, you’ll get your first taste of the experience, in the form of a Rum Festival glass to take home. As well as the greeting by an expert – there’ll be a brochure to take you through the world of the drink.

Drink vouchers will be available on the day to purchase your beverages. You can do so from a stand in the Main Hall. These vouchers are only £5 per drink, and include a mixer and a fresh garnish. How fancy?

It’s not just about the rum (it is) – live entertainment and dancing will sweep you up, as well as industry talks. For those that are new to rum; get tickets and never look back. We haven’t…

Tickets available here

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