Over 200 students from Northumbria University gathered on Friday to film their version of the ‘Harlem Shake’ – a viral sensation that is sweeping YouTube and social media sites.

Steven Mullaghan, a second year student at Northumbria University and the driving force behind the video stated: “We wanted to do this for the fun of it.” Dressed as the masked individual at the beginning of the video Steven also explained; “At the same time, it also raises awareness of Northumbria’s brand and shows what an innovative and creative university we are and hopefully prospective students will see it and realise what a dynamic place this is.”

The video has amassed over 95,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on Saturday morning, with celebs such as the DJ; Kissy Sell Out, paralympian Stephen Miller, Geordie Shore star; Scott Timlin and Newcastle United footballer; Samuel Ameobi all taking to Twitter to promote the video. #NUHarlem

The question now is; can Newcastle Univeristy respond to the high standard of ‘shake’ set by its Northumbria rivals? Current score 1 – 0 on the Polly Vs Posh scorecard.



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