Ultimate Guide to Newcastle Freshers Week

Newcastle Freshers Week, welcome week, orientation week… we can guarantee it will be carnage. This special week is where you’ll experience independence, intoxication and, quite possibly, in debt. It’s a rite of passage for all students, one that will take you through the rest of your life. However, there’s a lot of info to take in during the week, and we’ve boiled it all down to the ‘things to remember’.



Newcastle Freshers Week, featuring an  image of people at the front of a crowd

That all-important word is the be all and end all to your Freshers Week. However, you can get past it as the drinks are cheap, and you’ve got that enviable student status. Use that to the max and you’ll save plenty.

  • Open a student bank account with 0% interest on your overdraft. We’re not normally ones to encourage this – but it’ll be handy in cases of emergency.
  • Ask for discounts when shopping. A huge number of high street stores offer student discounts, as do cinemas, Trainline and even restaurants.
  • Get your free cheeseburger when you buy any meal at McDonalds – especially after the first night.
  • Travel smart with a 16-25 railcard. It cuts a third of the price of tickets and can be purchased for £30. Quite often, there are discounts on that price too.
  • Go to a gym that offers student rates. Your university gym will offer a cut price, as do many others. You’ll be eating a lot of junk food during your first year…


University: Get it Sorted

The temptation to skip the first week of lectures is strong after going out every night (we’ve all been there). However, you’ll regret it in the long run.

  • Attend those lectures and seminars. It’s important to get to grips with studying at university, and they’ll tell you a lot you don’t know.
  • Arrange your student ID for those discounts. You can get it sorted at the university, or send a picture and your details in online.
  • In addition, prepare those extra cards for the library etc. You’ll be taking an awful lot of books out in three years.
  • Sign up for teams and university societies – the best way to meet new people. Society nights out are also always the greatest.
  • Visit the Freshers fair for loads of freebie, info on courses and what is exactly happening during the week.



Newcastle's craft beer bars, featuring an image of a bartender pouring a pint at The Bridge Tavern, Newcastle

We don’t need to tell you that your university life will involve drinking, and lots of it. You’ll need to master the fine art for your first night as an adult.

  • Get ready for a huge selection of drinking games; ring of fire, fuzzy duck, Game of Thrones…
  • Pre-drink. It’s way cheaper.
  • Look out for student nights at clubs, as they’ll save those precious dimes.
  • Say yes to flat parties and any others.
  • Introduce yourself to people around your flat and invite them round.



The best way to settle at university is to know the area like the back of your hand (ideal for getting home).

  • Arrange a day out with your flatmates and get to grips with the city.
  • Visit Newcastle’s best landmarks.
  • Go shopping (enough said).
  • Go out and explore with your course mates.
  • Read up on guides of Newcastle. Lucky for you lot, we have a brief guide to Newcastle.

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