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Monday through to Sunday we cover the best clubs and events to visit on what day! In Newcastle for a day, scroll down and check out the best places to be! Here all week? All week bender it is then! Living here? Lucky bastard! Student here? PERFECTION! Enjoy!

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Article Contents:



The official start to the freshers week!…Surprisingly the official start to a standard week too!
With this in mind it seems like many all major clubs in Newcastle now offer their own ‘must attend’ Monday night events. But after much field research I’ve decided to list the top 3 clubs and events to visit.

Club: Perdu
Event: Social Butterfly

Info: Perdu takes the no.1 on Monday night spot with its event Social Butterfly. Great sized venue, even better sound track for the night (a blend of chart, hip hop and monster DJ mixes) it also boasts a healthy guys to girl ratio…neither a sausage factory nor a hormonal fish shop.

Music: Commercial mixes/RnB/Hiphop/Electro/DJ Mashups 

Music: Commercial mixes/RnB/Hiphop/Electro/DJ Mashups 

Best Drink Offers: £2.10 Double Vodka + Draught Mixer (add 40p extra for Redbull)
£1.55 Shots (Tequila, Sambuca & Flavoured Sours)

Entry Fee: Free entry before 10pm (doors open at 8pm). £5 Standard Entry / £4 Guestlist


Club: Floritas & Baby Lynch  
Event: Club Tropicana   

Info: My personal favourite club doesn’t quite make the top spot for a Monday night; mainly through its own success…it gets rammed! Yet I could easily give it the no.1 spot for that same reason! Anyway! Musically, Club Tropicana describes their beats as; ‘A mix of all things commercial/RnB/Electro with some disco classics in there for good measure!’ 

Music: Commercial/RnB/Electro/Disco Classics 

Best Drink Offers: £1 Tequila/Sambuca Shots£1.50 Jagerbombs£1.50 Bottles£2.00 Single Spirit & Mixer inc RedBull£2.50 Double Spirit & Mixer inc RedBull 

Entry Fee: £6 Standard entry / £5 Guestlist (or with mojo card)

Note: After watching this video and bring back the memories…Club Tropicana does sound pretty dam good right now. I’ll consider a re-rank! 
Also ignore the dodgy music in the video, guess thats their idea of ‘tropical’?

Club: Digital  

Event: B.I.T.E (Born in the Eighties) aka Digital Mondays    

Info: It maybe in third place but its no.1 for a cheap night out (especially on a Monday but especially NOT on a Saturday). Not only is entry fee a measly 80 pennies, drinks are £1…well… before midnight…and the drinks are VK knockoffs or 3.8% Carlsberg…but still! You can’t knock that!?(Maximum purchase of 5 per person per time, so get there well before midnight as the prices of said drinks sky rocket…to £2).

Music: Indie and ‘just the daftest records and the sickest rave in the 12th best club in the whole  god-dam world.’ 

Best Drink Offer: £1 VK Knockoffs  

Entry Fee: 80p entry before midnight!


Tuesday, Tuesday, Koosday! This night makes a huge splash in the Newcastle week! With most student having sweet F.A to do the day after but survive through the resultant hangover it is a night out not to miss (and my personal favourite!)


Club: Floritas & Madame Koo 

Event: Waikiki  

Info: DA BOMB!! If I were to make a recommendation to someone who knew nothing about Newcastle, this would be it! From a Northumbria Uni Students perspective this is the night where if you don’t go to Waikiki you’ll know all about it and the masses that went. Music: Commercial/RnB/HipHop/Mixes & Mashups by the house DJ’s David Barratt, DOC JNR & Phill Bennison

Best Drink Offer:£2.00 Bottles  £2.50 Doubles + Mixer (inc Vodka/Amaretto/Archers/Jack Daniels/Bacardi/Sailor Jerry/Southern Comfort)

Entry Fee: £5 Standard entry / £4 Guestlist


Club: TigerTiger 

Event: Koosday

Info: A big club (boasting 3 floors) on a big night; TigerTiger is a must. It misses out on the top spot simply because I feel Waikiki has a better vibe about it with music that’s more to my taste…but it’s all about preference! And this place not only has one of the best VIP areas in any club it also has a whole bunch of rooms to cater for everyone’s music taste (unless you’re a Waikiki guy or gal). The most popular room is on the top floor called the ‘White Room’ and is always sure to get very busy! Overall awesome on fresher’s week, awesome on any bar crawl (Carnage, Poly Vs Posh etc, etc) and awesome on a Tuesday! 

Music: White room – Modern club & dance music. Commercial throughout the rest of the club with a vast variety of music from live samba bands playing along to club classics to karaoke on the second floor! 

Best Drink Offer: 50% off all drinks until midnight (i.e. £1.25 Doubles)

Entry Fee: 2-4-1 Entry for NUS Card holders before 11pm. £4 entry before midnight / £6 Standard Entry / £5 Guestlist



It maybe midweek but that’s no excuse, Newcastle still knows how to throw a good party even if it is a Wednesday! And here’s my top picks…


Club: Bambu 

Event: Game|Over 

Info: The BIGGEST place to be on a Wednesday and if you’re wondering why check out the drink offers (see below). Bambu holds Game|Over which is the official of Team Northumbria (not a place for the ‘posh’ kids) and sees over 1500’s students each Wednesday night. The only downside…there’s a lot of dudes. But it’s a top lad’s night out or for any ladies looking for a lad or two (or 1500) and has hilarious pissed up stage games! It also has its own official pre bar City Vaults which is across the road where you can get your free entry to Game|Over with a BUCS card. The main reason to hit up City Vaults before though…£1 Bottles, Shots and Jagerbombs! (I even put it in bold for you!) 

Music: Anthems/Chart/Cheese/RnB/Indie/Electro/Classics 

Best Drink Offer:£1.25 Teqila/Sambuca£1.25 VS Flavours£1.25 Carlsberg Bottles£1.75 VK’s£1.75 Jagerbombs£2 Doubles (inc Mixer)£2.50 Doubles (inc Energy)

Entry Fee: £5 Standard Entry / £4 Guestlist. Free with BUCS Card before 12AM (£2 after).

Club: Legends

Event: Deluge  

Info: ‘Newcastle biggest, best, and longest running student night’ and also an event that stays open until 4am! On the grand scheme of things that’s not mind blowing but in tha toon 4am is pretty impressive! So you’re probably wondering why I gave it the second spot…me too…so consider it joint first! Everyone’s a winner! Unless you have just one Wednesday in Newcastle, then that’s just silly and now you have to choose between the two!  

Music: Commercial/Club/Electro

Best Drink Offers: £1 VK’s

Entry Fee: £5 Standard entry / £4 Guestlist


Thursday is your day to choose your favourite, everyone’s choice seems to differ, but I’ve selected 3 that are nicely varied and can spice up your week!

Club: Digital 

Info: Numero uno on Thursday is ‘Rebel Thursdays’ at Digital. It’s a chance to switch it up and get out of the standard club scene. The main difference here is that Rebel plays just classic-indie-rock-anthems, you know the type of stuff; Blur, Arctic Monkeys, Fratellis…all the tunes that will make you want to get on your mates shoulders and get your sweat on! Rebel describe themselves as; ‘About the music, about the dancing wildly to tunes that we love, sick of blandness’.

Music: Indie/Rock/Anthems/Classics

Best Drink Offers:  £1 drinks before 12. £2.00 after

Entry Fee: £1 entry for all wallposts on their facebook wall before 11.30pm.
£4 Standard Entry (before 12, £5 after) / £1 Guestlist (before 12, £3 after).


Club: Perdu
Event: House Party

Info: Coming in second is Perdu with their House Party event, if indie and rock isn’t your thing at digital and house and hip-hop is then House Party is for you. Hi energy music with a great atmosphere. IAMVIP photographers present too to snap all your snaps!

Music: House, RnB, & Hip-Hop

Best Drink Offers: Drinks start from £1.50…if anyone know specific drinks and prices and any good deals please let me know!

Entry Fee: £4 NUS before 12 (£6 after) £6 Standard Entry / £5 Guestlist

Club: TupTup Palace

Event: Lovedough

Info: If you’re looking for a classy night out with a club that has an indoor waterfalls and privately serviced tables then look no further, TupTup Palace is your place! Since 2009 the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Ne-Yo, N-Dubz, Taio Cruz and Trevor Nelson, Subfocus have all visited and even Kayne West made a scene there in a cheeky punch up! Yet is has to be said that for all the glitz and glamour it gives off a very pretentious feel both with its staff and the crowd it attracts. Also be prepared to enter one of the smallest nightclub in Newcastle which means it gets very, very crowded. A frustrating crowded that is. Not a buzzing & atmospheric crowded. So that’s why I ranked it third. 

Music:  ‘Cross-genre dancefloor napalm’ 

Best Drink Offers: Water…it’s free! Everything is gonna require you to dig deep!

Entry Fee: £6 Standard Entry / £5 Guestlist


Friday is always huge! It’s the beginning of the weekend! My top pick; DirtyPOP I would recommend any day of the week…as long as it’s a Friday!
The 2nd and 3rd spot are the places that are most popular, but to be honest a Friday night in Newcastle, you can’t go wrong with any choice!


Club: O2 Academy  

Event: DirtyPOP

Info: One of the best nights out in Newcastle! I’d go so far to say its tied as the best event in Newcastle with Waikiki. It has crazy stage games from couples doing as many sex positions as they can to guys n girls swapping clothes as fast as possible. Added to that is the angle grinding, fire breathing DirtyPOP girls and the DJ who get the crowd going with crowd sing offs and amazing song selections. One massive room, three huge bars! Oh and there’s a free bouncy castle! Say whaaa!?!
One more thing, these guys do huge give aways! From wiping away someone’s overdraft debt, random balloons with cash to free holiday giveaways to Ibiza (all on specific nights) but if you aren’t lucky enough to win they love to throw a fancy dressed night with free entry for those in fancy dress (before 12).

Music: Anthems, Chart, Cheese, Indie, Dance, Sing-a-long…the whole shhhBANG!

Best Drink Offers: £1.75 VK or 3 For £5

Entry Fee: £5 Standard entry (before 12*, £6 after) / £4 Guestlist (before 12*, £6 after). Free entry for specific fancy dress**
* Sometime it’s before 11pm so check on their facebook page before you head out!
** Check out what theme is going down so you get free entry…if specified!


Club: Riverside
Event: SinCity

Info: If you’re looking for a more of a dance and ‘club’ club on a Friday night then Riverside is a large venue with two floors that can do just that! From chart to dupstep it’s a great alternative surrounded by loads of great prebars around the Quayside area!

Music: Chart/Hip Hop/House/Dubstep/Drum & Bass

Best Drink Offers: £1 Tequilla, £1 Sambuca, £1.50 VS & Carlsberg, £2 Double & Mixer, £6 3xJagerbombs

Entry Fee: £6 Standard entry* / £5 Guestlist*
*Needs confirming


Club: The Den 

Event: Club Feral 

Info: Making the top three list because of its awesome variety of music, with three different genres in three separate rooms: Dance, Swing and Student DJ’s. Warning! It gets hot inside!

Music:  Main Room: Chart/Dance/Rnb/Classics

Upstairs/The Lounge: Swing Bar/Rock n Roll/Swing/Disco/Funk/Soul
Room 3/The Kitchen: ‘a secret room with an unbelievable atmosphere holding no more than 100 people showcasing Newcastle’s best student DJ talent’. 

Best Drink Offers: £1.00 Selected Shots, £1.50 VKs, £1.50 Selected bottle beers, £1.50 Single Vodka Mixer, £2.00 Double & Mixer

Entry Fee: £5 Guestlist/ £7 Standard entry (or with mojo card)

Saturday, the daddy of all nightouts out! Newcatsle, the daddy of nightouts! Deep Breath…Here Goes…

Club: DigitalEvent: LOVE

Info: The undisputed King of a big Saturday night out! One HUGE club rated;The World’s 12th best club (DJMag, 2011) and The UK’S No.1 Large Club (DJMag, 2010). Asides from the ranks the vibe inside in second to none and the sound system is immense. A raised DJ in the main stage with two downstairs bar’s makes the main room the pinnacle of a nightout. Upstairs are two more floors, and all in all 4 rooms of music.  2 VIP Rooms and a shisha smoking area sum up this place! Warning! Queues get HUGE, so get down early! Doors open at 10pm

Music:  To sum all the music up, here’s I’ll let what they say on their Facebook page speak:

‘Main Room: House/Electro
Terrace Bar: Indie/Soul
Upstairs: RnB/HipHop
Upstairs (other rooms): Dupstep/Drum & Bass/Electro
Feat. Felix Leiter (UK No.1 iTunes Selling Artist)
Live percussions
Live Saxophone
Live acoustic session on terrace’

Best Drink Offers: £2 Drinks all night

Entry Fee: £5 Guestlist / £7 Standard Entry (Free Entry VIP Cards Before 12 / Free Entry Before 12 Festival Band* / Free Entry Before 11.30pm with MM White Card £5 After)

*Festival bands available during freshers week


Club: Riverside  

Event: The Voodoo Project

Info: Riverside is always a banker on a Friday, but Saturday is definitely their biggest night! Probably the second largest club in Newcastle with the crowd and soundtrack to match making it popular choice with both students and local’s.

Music: Chart/Hip Hop/House/Dubstep/Drum & Bass

Best Drink Offers: £1 Tequilla, £1 Sambuca, £1.50 VS & Carlsberg, £2 Double & Mixer, £6 3xJagerbombs

Entry Fee: £6 Standard entry* / £5 Guestlist*

*Needs confirming

(Unless it’s freshers week) the best plan of action is always Nancys Bordello for a Sunday Lunch! Kick back have a beauty Sunday Lunch in the most chilled bordello in the country!

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