So who are we? Well right now as it stands ‘we’ is more of an I – I being myself; Danny Gibson a student from Northumbria University, in the heart of Newcastle. 

The reason for creating this website is 
to really help people find out what’s going on in Newcastle and where the best bars, clubs and pubs are and when major events are taking place. Whether you’re a student; poly or posh, fresher or final year, or you’re just up for a night out on ‘tha toon’ with the lads or lasses we aim to keep you in the know!

As posts are uploaded feel free to contribute anything that springs to mind, whether you agree with what’s posted or disagree, or even if you just feel we’ve totally just missed out the main thing be it drink offers, how sick the DJ is or how to get discounted entry. Either way feel free to contribute whatever and you can contact us anytime:



Twitter: @nightlifenewcas 


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  1. Thank you for sharing with us, I think this website really stands out : D.

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